HET EUROPE is one of the most innovative management consulting companies. The name HET represents our focus on results and quality. Our goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of our clients on a sustainable basis. We bring unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities into a partnership, provided across many industries and business functions, as well as knowledge and experience with globally successful companies and in the public sector. We are guided by the motivation to surpass the high expectations of our clients in every consulting project. We support our clients to improve their corporate value and lead them to a future- oriented company with high expertise in implementation.

HET offers its clients the full range of consulting services from strategy development to implementation support. The basis of our successful consulting services is the solid professional background and industry experience of our consultants, combined with our global Knowledge Management program and supported with the experience resulting from long international customer relationships. Our global exchange of intellectual capital provides our clients with the undisputed benefit of a sustained expertise in the respective lead markets and the competence of our HET consultants.

Our clients are large international and national companies, represented in all industries, public and private sectors. The consistently high quality consulting services result from joint developments in groups with client and consultant teaming. Together with corporate boards and top management HET pursues a clear goal:

to increase the maximum profit contribution of all areas of a company, as well as the enterprise value of the company as a whole.

The positioning as one of the innoatives leading management consulting companies results from HET’s uncompromising approach on meeting each client’s requirements in the areas of strategy and organization, operations, strategic Information Technology and Enterprise Services Transformation. The industry expertise of HET’s consultants covers all major industries in Europe.